Sales Channel FAQs 

1. Do you have any distributor?  

We have official stores and authorized distributor stores. 

Check them out: where to buy & other sales channel

Please don't purchase the product with Rabbitgoo logo from other sellers, because they can't support any after sale service. 

Dog Harness FAQs

 1. How to wash the harness?

Our harness is not machine-washable for there are clips and buckles. Hand washing instruction: How To Wash A Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

 2. About the size

Our harness is adjustable. Some customers also say it is a little difficult to adjust. Because of the design of the harness, the straps are a little difficult to adjust to the smallest size. If you have any problem with the size, please contact our service center, we will try our best to help you. 

3. How to adjust the neck strap?

Here is the steps:

1. please push the only one neck strap through the metal buckle, like picture "step one"

2. then please pull the outward strap, like picture"step two"

3. lastly, tension adjustment straps, like picture"step three"

If it is still a little too big around the neck, please contact us and send us pictures again, we will help you.

4. How to adjust the chest strap?

1. To tighten the chest straps:
Feed the straps through the sliders, bringing the sliders all the way to the side buckles, until they reach one another.
The lower picture refers to the maximum chest position.

2. To extend the chest straps:
Hold the slider with one hand, and then pull down on the strap. Adjust until reach the required size.
The lower picture refers to the maximum chest position.

Window Film FAQs

1. How to install the window film?

Before installing the film, please make sure that you've peeled off the transparent backing film. Then follow the step:

1. Make sure that the window is smooth enough without any dust (No textures).

2. Spray enough clean water on the window and window film during installation. Insufficient water may lead to bubbling and falling off.

3. Use the soft towel or squeegee to wipe the film back and forth to make sure that the bubbles and water have been totally removed.

4. Trim off the margins and use a cloth to flatten out the film
Tips: Use a hairdryer to soften the edge if the corner curls.

2. Why my 3D window film looks is not as iridescent as the pictures

The 3D window film itself does not actually have any color. However, with special 3D laser design, it will show a colorful visual effect when sunlight hits the film after installation. So the sunlight will affect color rendering. 

3. Why has bubbles after installation

To solve the bubbling problem, we have some tips:

1. Make sure the window is clean and without dust.

2. Before applying, please spray on a lot of clean water.

3. When you install, please leave enough edges gap to let out the air or air bubbles.

4. During installation, please also spray some water.

5. Use the soft towel or squeegee to wipe the film back and forth to make sure that the bubbles and water have been totally removed.

4. How can I find the clear backing film and peel it off
How to find the backing film:

The backing is very thin, therefore it is hard to find, please affix Scotch Tape on both sides of the window film to separate. Or you could wet the window film corner and rub it for a while, then you will see the thin backing.

How to peel off the clear backing film:

1. Wet one window film corner and use your fingers to twist it for a while to loosen the attachment between the window film and clear backing film;

2. Attach a sticky tape to the side of the clear backing film corner (we have also attached a small sticky tape on each roll of window film for your convenience), and then press it for effective attachment;

3. Separate the clear backing film from the window film easily.