Rabbitgoo was founded with the same passion and care that you have for your pet.

Jason, a fellow dog lover and the founder of Rabbitgoo understands the importance of a happy pet. Once the owner of a Golden Retriever named Lucky, Jason considered his dog as nothing less than another family member and treated him with the same care, love and attention as he did with others. Over time he noticed that Lucky was experiencing a lot of distress and anxiety, which became more apparent outdoors. Despite trying various methods to comfort Lucky, the suffering continued.

In a routine cleaning and maintenance of his dog's accessories, Jason noticed the poor quality of the dog strap he'd purchased for Lucky. Jason realized that the harness must be the reason for Lucky's distress on the long walks and began to look for more healthy pet products. However, after searching for a long time, Jason couldn't find any affordable products that provided comfort and safety for his Golden Retriever. Jason’s despair had him feeling down, and every walk he felt the discomfort and suffering that Lucky felt as the cheap, low-quality harness restricted their freedom to enjoy the outdoors. Overcome with guilt, Jason knew that he had to do something and if he couldn’t buy the dog harness he was looking for he was determined to make one himself.

After many prototypes and designs, Jason finally created a pet harness that was comfortable and durable. Lucky became happier and found a new love of the outdoors after wearing his newly designed harness. The bond grew between Lucky and Jason with every outdoor stroll becoming an exciting adventure without the distress and anxiety that Lucky once felt.

Jason quickly realized he had a duty to not let other dogs suffer the discomfort of poorly designed and inadequate harnesses. That's why he founded Rabbitgoo, and thanks to his smart moves, high-quality materials and excellent supply chain, he was able to put affordable, comfortable and durable pet harnesses on the market. Each product goes through a strict triple-inspection quality control process before reaching its customers, ensuring that every harness cares for your pet the same way that you do.

Rabbitgoo has continued to develop, extending the product range to fit all aspects of pet life, whether your love is for dogs or cats, Rabbitgoo cares and provides pet-loving supplies. Based on the brand philosophy of 'Love pets like kids', Rabbitgoo is committed to bringing nothing but joy and comfort to pets and their owners around the world.


Your pet deserves the best!!!