One Way Window Film, Reflective Heat Control Anti UV Door Sticker


Rabbitgoo One Way Mirror Film—Our Day Time Privacy Window Film with its classical silver mirror look is going to transform your home and office windows and provide you enough privacy and protection.

Package Included: 1 x rabbitgoo One-Way Privacy Window Film Roll (17.5" x 78.7", 44.5 x 200 cm)

***The window film works only on FLAT, CLEAN, and SMOOTH surfaces. It will not stick well on plastic, broken or uneven surfaces. 


  • 【SUPERIOR DAYTIME PRIVACY】rabbitgoo mirror reflective window film offers great indoor DAYTIME privacy for your home and office by making the OUTDOOR window glass show a mirror effect, while you can still see outdoor views; At night, the privacy effect will reverse so the INDOOR window glass will show the mirror effect and people from the outside can see in
  • 【UV BLOCKING PROTECTION】The one-way mirror window film blocks up to 99% of UV rays and 85% of infrared rays, protecting your skin from sunlight exposure and reducing the fading of the furniture; You can enjoy a safer and more comfortable indoor space on summer days

  • 【SAY NO TO STRONG SUNLIGHT】 This window tint can effectively block most of the sun to reduce heat in the summer. You and your family can enjoy a more comfortable and cool summer life with Rabbitgoo Mirror Effect Tint Glass Covering
  • 【NEW GLUE DESIGN】 You can install our one-way window film quickly with the upgrade glue design. The new glue design makes its service life much longer than the glueless ones and will help the mirror window film cling on the window surface firmly. Don’t forget to spray A LOT OF water to wet both the adhesive side and window surface
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】 Our one-way window film can be applied to any flat, clean, and smooth glass surfaces at home, office, kitchen, classroom, etc. an instant and economical way to control heat, reject UV, and save you cooling bills

The privacy-effect works during the DAYTIME.

The side exposed to the most light will produce a more reflective appearance.

Therefore, the privacy-effect will become reversed at night since the interior will be exposed to more light than the exterior.

Window film is to be applied on the inside of your window ( NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DUAL-PANE).

Perfect for living arrangements where you want to prevent nosy people from looking through your window during the day while maintaining exposure to sunlight but have curtains or blinds to use at night. 


For first-timers, it might initially seem confusing to make the window film stick to the window, but it's actually really simple! Use two pieces of tape to grab onto one of the corners on each side of the film. Once you start pulling apart the tape, the backing liner should start to peel off from the window film itself. Remember to closely follow the installation manual and use lots of soapy water to prevent the film from sticking everywhere. It is usually recommended and sometimes necessary that you have more than enough film to cover the window so that you have a bigger margin for error and can trim/cut off the excess pieces as you install. 

Holding Shattered Glass

When the window accidentally breaks, our one-way film can provide a strong force to fix the glass fragments together to prevent splashing and accidental injury.