Rabbitgoo 3D Rainbow Window Film


Using Rabbitgoo 3D Static Window Film color your room - beautiful patterns decorate your room


  • Beautiful Patterns: Enhance your home decor with unique patterns
  • Easy to Use: Easily remove the backing, leaving no residue after removing
  • Adhesive Free: Use soapy water for installation. No toxic glue
  • Reusable: High-quality PVC material can install and remove again
  • Blocks 96% of UV Rays: Protects your skin from harmful radiation exposure
  • Semi-Privacy Protection: Combine decoration and privacy. Not suitable for bathrooms
  • With a special 3D laser design, it will show a colorful visual effect when sunlight hits the film after installation
Totally reusable
You can use or remove the film over and over again. Absolutely no residues after removing. 
Enjoy more cozy sunlight
Dissipate direct sunlight to prevent glare, allowing you to work and learn under mild sunlight. 
Decorate any places
Use the window film in your living room, kitchen, office, etc. Your windows will be more beautiful. 


1. You can change the look of your house using Rabbitgoo window film at a low cost. It puts beautiful patterns on your window and when the sun shines in your house
you will have a magical kaleidoscopic view!
2. It's so easy to make that magic happen. The glue-free feature cuts down chemical release drastically.
3. You don't want your film that is heated by the sun everyday to contain any glue. The force of static sticks the film to the glass, so there will be no residue after removal and the film are totally reusable.
4. Our window film is also capable of blocking out 96% of UV rays, keep your furniture away from the damaging sun lights. It protects your privacy as well.
5. Easy to apply and Get it Now! Guarantee you will have a perfect shopping experience.

3D window film

Tips for Customers:

1.>The adhesive effect of the film may not be good in winter. Solution: Before application, use a hairdryer to make it soft( heat resistance is under 176℉)
2.>Fit for the smooth surface without any dust or fiber.
3.>Do not apply to outside windows or windows with cracks.
4.>More efficient in teamwork, a product of energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
5.>Affix tape on both sides to remove the window film from the backing film.
6.>This 3D window film itself does not actually have any color.

*Only Applies on Smooth Glass Surfaces