Soft Plush Donut Cuddler Cushion Pet Bed

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Why choose Rabbitgoo Cat bed?

Most cats spend a lot of time sleeping every day, it is very important to choose a comfortable bed for them. So what kind of bed does a cat-like? Rabbitgoo cat bed will capture your cat's heart and be your best choice.

Compared with the open space, cats prefer narrow places to hide themselves. For the design, this cat bed is designed with a raised rim which provides a sense of security and can be used as a bolster at the same time, offering the just-right support for your pet’s body. So that the cat can lean on the bolster at will, making himself/herself feel at ease in his/her own world.

Besides, “softness” is particularly important for cats. For the materials, our cat bed is made of fluffy and soft polyester plush fabric which is super gentle on your baby’s skin. And it’s overstuffed with high-grade dense 3D cotton which ensures elasticity and brings the softest experience. Your furry friend will snooze the day away with optimal comfort in both hot and cold weather.


  1. Soft Polyester Plush Fabric - Keeps your pet warm and helps his/her body relax.
  2. High Elastic PP Cotton - Has excellent elasticity and durability to ensure long-term use
  3. Anti-Slippery Bottom - Keeps it from slipping even on the slickest surfaces
  4. Lightweight & Portable - This 1.2 lbs bed is easy to carry and can be used in your car
  5. Hand & Machine Washable - Hand-wash recommended. Or machine-wash in cold water, gentle/delicate cycle

Product Dimension: 20" x 20" x 4.7" ( 50 x 50 x 12 cm), recommended for Small Pets up to 13lbs(5.9kg)


This cat bed can be placed on the tile floor of the living room, on the bed in the bedroom or on the wooden floor of any room.





Soft Plush Fabric

Thick and skin-friendly to keep your pet warm during all seasons of the year, helping him/her relax in comfort.

High Quality Material

Made of thick polyester and filled with high elastic PP cotton, offers delightful snuggles and won’t be deformed easily.

Anti-Skid Bottom

The bottom with anti slip rubber will keep the cat bed in place when your cat is playing, ensuring the safety of your cat.




Lovely Round Shape

This round cat bed is specially designed to wrap around your pet, providing him/her with a sense of security .

One Size Fits Most

The bed is lightweight and portable for travel. An ideal spot for smaller pets up to 13lbs to lounge and sleep.

Easy to Clean

It will maintain its softness after washing. Care instructions: wash gentle cycle, and tumble dry in low heat.

Soft Plush Donut Cuddler Cushion Pet Bed
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