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Rabbitgoo 61" Multi-Level Cat Tree

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Rabbitgoo cat tree with condo, hammock, and scratching posts - A Nice Blend of Functionality and Aesthetics.
Rabbitgoo Free-standing Cat Tree features a 5-tier design with various resting and recreation spots, making it not just a luxury for your kittens, but also a functional indoor playground that provides them with the necessary physical and mental stimulation to keep them healthy and happy. 
Product Details: 
  • Condo Interior: 13.4” x 11.8” (34 x 30 cm)
  • Top Perch Diameter: 11.8” (30 cm)
  • Scratching Post Thickness: 2.75” (7 cm)
  • Overall Product Weight: 35 lbs. (15.8 kg)
  • Freestanding: Yes
  • Assembly Required: Yes. All Hardware and Instructions Provided. 

RABBITGOO CAT TREE CONDO TOWER - A Must-have Piece of Cat Furniture for Cat-lovers.

Key Benefits: 

1. Promote Healthy Scratching Behavior
Multiple scratching posts covered with durable sisal will cater to your feline’s natural habit of scratching, without tearing up your wall or leaving scratches on your delicate furniture!
2. Keep Your Cat Entertained
Your cat will gain enough fun and exercise by climbing up and down the platforms. The ladder and posts meet your cat’s instinct to climb. Plus the dangling toys will keep your cat busy and mentally stimulated. 

3. Nestle into Comfort
Features a roomy condo, a plush cradle, a cushioned perch, and a deep hammock, your spoiled kitties can pick wherever they want to rest or groom while watching their human friend’s every move.
4. A Fine Piece of Furniture
This isn’t just a cat tree! The elegant gray color and the modern design make this kitten tower a beautiful enhancement of your home decor. 

RABBITGOO CAT TREE CONDO TOWER - We Only Want the Best for Your Feline Friend.

The platforms are made of high-density particle wood, which features superior sturdiness and durability. Combined with a solid construction, your little furball can play safely around the castle.
The base plate is thickened for better stability to further protect your cat's safety. Have more than one cat? No worries! The cat tree will hold up well up to 33 lbs. 

Numbers of durable sisal-wrapped posts allow your cuties to release the urge of scratching. Meanwhile, they also protect your delicate furniture from those sharp claws!
Lines both interior and exterior of the tower, providing the feline-friendly warmth and softness. Super gentle on noses and paws, your little lion will enjoy exploring around this cozy playhouse. 

Rabbitgoo 61" Multi-Level Cat Tree
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