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Russia's first Corgi police dog retired and has been working for 7 years

Recently, a retired police dog in Russia has aroused great discussion because it is a rare breed of police dogs — — Welsh Corgi!

His name is Ryzhiy and it has been working for 7 years! One year old is equivalent to 7 years for humans, which means that Ryzhly has worked for 49 years!

Corgi police dog

Because of the retirement of this little star police officer, Russian TV also conducted an interview, which is enough to show his popularity in Russia.

Corgi police dog

Generally speaking, police dogs will choose tall and mighty dog breeds. On the one hand, large dogs have stronger physical strength and can work longer hours. On the other hand, it can also deter criminals.

police dog

But it was this special little police officer who often shuttled to the train station in Nizhny Novgorod, working diligently and meticulously! Help the police officer check the contraband!

Corgi police dog

Although it is not as handsome and majestic as colleagues, it has successfully won everyone's favorite with cuteness and professionalism. When working every day, he always gets everyone's attention and praise.

Corgi police dog

But some people think that when they see Ryzhiy, they think it’s selling, not working, so they are born with a smile on their face, and they twist when they walk, but they are very wrong: "Although I am cute, I work Is very serious"

Corgi police dog

In any case, Ryzhiy has won tens of thousands of fans in Russia for his hard work and cuteness in the past seven years. The colleague police dog came up to touch the head, and Ryzhiy also accepted it obediently.

Corgi police dog

Standing training also makes his fans feel funny. Other dogs are sitting and standing, standing, and very rigorous, and our Ryzhiy... don’t know whether this is standing or sitting... ...

Corgi police dog

I really stood up!

Corgi police dog

But short legs are also an advantage, you can shuttle between small gaps to find contraband! This is an advantage that other colleagues do not have~

Even 5 years ago, Ryzhiy won the championship of the National Police Dog Skill Training Dog!

As a result, he was reappointed for retirement for one year, which shows that Ryzhiy's work is recognized by everyone and loved by the public.

Corgi police dog

But in the beginning, Ryzhiy did not want to take this career path. It was a gift given to her daughter by the police officer's mother.

Unexpectedly, he was taken to the police dog training once, and it showed amazing talent, so he was sent to become a real police dog!

Corgi police dog

Now Ryzhiy has retired, but he hasn't been idle. When he became a celebrity, he sent some photos every day and became a model.


In retirement, I finally have a lot of time to play with my little master!


His master said that Ryzhiy will continue to participate in the training in the future, and he wants to let him try more things that he has not tried.


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