How to Play with Your Cat

Kittens need to play which can assist their physical development and coordination. It is important that you can strengthen the bond and trust between you and your cat during the playtime. So how to play with your cat?  These toys may help you do well. 

1. Fishing-rod-type toys
Most of the cats like these toys. But there is one thing important, don’t lift these toys so high. Allow your cat time to “catch” the fabric creature with its paws and bite at it, otherwise, your cat may get frustrated or lose interest.

2. Cat Balls
Make balls more interesting by pulling them along on string or throwing them up the stairs so that they bounce back. See if your cat can catch them before the ball reaches the bottom.

3.Cat Puzzle Feeder
You can add some excitement and activity into feeding time by using a puzzle feeder in which you can put dried cat food. As the cat pushes and bats the puzzle with its paws the pieces of food fall out. This toy may provide fun for your cat.

4. Movement toys
Cats like movement so the toy must be one that can move in rapid and unpredictable ways, just like a mouse or fish. Many cats love squeaky toys but some cats are startled by them so introduce them carefully. 

It's better to provide new toys when your cat gets tired of the old one. Make things interesting when you play with your cat to keep her healthy and happy. 



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