How to Help the Timid Dog to Welcome the Visitor

How dogs treat visitors is a troublesome problem for many parents. Most of the time, in this case, the dog is out of fear, but few parents will mention that their dog is full of fear. They just say that dogs would bark, jump, squat, and even bite at visitors.

If you want to improve the behavior of dogs in the face of visitors, you must design a separate program for the dog, and the program will be different in each scene. Usually, using a snack or a dog's favorite toy, the dog can learn that the arrival of the visitor means interesting and excellent things happen. Once the dog establishes a strong connection between the visitor and the good deed, the dog will turn from fear to happiness when someone visits. Sometimes, a little snack can help visitors get closer to dogs, and dogs can learn how to act like a good boy(or girl).

How to Help the timid dog to welcome the visitor

 Make sure that the timing of the snacks is when the dog does not see the visitor but has noticed that the visitor is at home. 

For dogs, it is much easier to see snacks when visitors sit in the living room or at the table.
For a dog full of fear, the presence of a strange visitor at the door can be extremely stressful. Seeing, smelling, and hearing non-family members appearing at the front door and entering the house is a huge challenge for a dog. This activates the dog's early warning mechanism ("Intruder! Red Alert!") whenever possible, we must avoid this challenging situation as much as possible.

In order to avoid this, we need to plan in advance. Ideally, you can let the visitor call or text message to inform you that he is coming, so that you have enough time to deal with the situation. Before opening the door to greet the visitor, you need to keep the dog away temporarily. You can let the dog stay in another room and go to the backyard or other places. Of course, you need to make sure of the place where the dog stay still makes him or her feels comfortable without the dog owner.

How to Help the timid dog to welcome the visitor

Invite the visitor to enter the house and sit down, and prepare the dog's favorite snack or toy. Then, bring the dog into the room, giving them snacks or toys. You may need to bring the dog with a no pull dog harness and leash or an interactive with visitors behind the door.

In this way, it will have a good effect on meeting with visitors for some dogs. However, some dogs still respond to visitors' getting up or suddenly moving.
In such the case, it is better to separate the dogs and visitors after the end of the greeting. Dogs can also benefit from later training.

How to Help the timid dog to welcome the visitor

There is no one omnipotent method, but this is the first step to success. The parents still have to pay serious attention to the warning signal before the dog attack the people. However, for almost all fearful dogs, it is much easier to meet a visitor who has already sat down in the room than to encounter a stranger at the front door.

Have you ever faced a timid dog in this way?
Another way is to take the dog and the visitor outside the door and take a walk together, at least walk outside with the dog to give the dogs have a full sniffing opportunity.

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