7 Real Dog Stories that Will Make You Feel a Lifetime

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7 Real Dog Stories that Will Make You Feel a Lifetime

I want to say that dogs are human friends, but this is too common. Because dogs are not only our best friends, they often play a more important role in our lives and will be more courageous than you and me. If there is a function to change the meaning of a word in the dictionary, I will definitely change the definition of “dog” from “domestic carnivorous mammal” to “Angels that Selfless dedication to all of you, but no need to return anything other than your love” 

These warm-hearted and touching stories of dogs around the world are enough to show how loyal and selfless they are. What is to be told below is that the dogs have always maintained their loyalty to the owner, even after the death of the masters.

The dog was taken away by the train for the rescue of the owner.

This story takes place in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. The owner of the dog has a suicidal tendency to fall asleep on the rails under the influence of alcohol. The dog perceives the danger approaching, so he uses his best efforts to move the owner out of the rails. It pushes, squats, drags and treats itself as a super dog. It does all the things it can do. Finally succeeded! But how awful the time was, even though the train driver saw the dog on the rails and used the emergency brakes, its hind legs still did not escape the crushing of the train wheels, and eventually it left the world.

7 Real Dog Stories that Will Make You Feel a Lifetime 2

Capitán does not want to leave the owner, even if the owner has left the world for 9 years.

In 2006, the death of the Argentine Miguel brought his dog the heaviest blow. When Capitán realized that the owner had passed away, it left his home. When other members of the family went to find Capitán, they found it quietly waiting next to the owner’s tombstone. It found the owner’s tombstone! Until 2015, Capitán stayed with the owner’s tombstone.

7 Real Dog Stories that Will Make You Feel a Lifetime 3

For 14 years, Fido is steadfastly waiting for the deceased owner to return.

This Italian stray dog ​​has won the attention of the general public because of its unwavering loyalty and selflessness to the owner. On December 30, 1943, the Second World War, Borgo San Lorenzo was suffering a violent airstrike. At night, Fido, as always, went to the bus station and waited for its owner to return from work. However, the owner did not appear in the position where he should get off, and Fido returned home with great frustration. However, its hopes have not been shattered because, from that day on, it went to the bus station every day to wait for its beloved master to go home so that it waited for 14 years. On January 9, 1958, it was still waiting for its owner to come back to that bus station, leaving the world with his many years of wish.

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7 Real Dog Stories that Will Make You Feel a Lifetime

“Hachikō” went to the railway station for 9 years, only hope to see his beloved master again.

I want to share a story similar to “Fido”, which is a very loyal dog. It will go to the nearby Shibuya Station every day to welcome the owner back. A day that heralded the tragedy, the owner of the Eighths passed away because of a cerebral hemorrhage, so he could no longer appear from Shibuya Station. However, the Hachikō, but in the next 9 years, 9 months and 15 days, the same train every day at the same time appeared in the place where its owner had got off. The first pedestrians and the train station staff were very unfriendly to this move, but as the reporter wrote a story about it and reported it on April 10, 1932, in Japan’s Asahi Shimbun, people More and more attention to the Hachikō, and also began to provide food to the eight public to survive.
Until March 8, 1935, Hachikō was found dead in the streets of Shibuya. The cause of its death is diagnosed as filarial infection and advanced cancer.

7 Real Dog Stories that Will Make You Feel a Lifetime 5

Waghya did not want to be separated from the master but also jumped into the master’s cremation ceremony.

Waghya was struck by the death of his master, so it jumped into the cremation of the master and sacrificed himself, and it became a symbol of innocence and loyalty in India. In addition, the statue was built by Waghya at the tombstone of Shivaji. Despite this, we are still not sure whether Waghya in this story is a real existence or just a fictional dog image.

7 Real Dog Stories that Will Make You Feel a Lifetime 6

Tommy embraces his master’s thoughts and visits the church where the deceased owner is.

While Margaret was still alive, Tommy went to the Assumption Church in Italy every day (in Italy). After Margaret passed away, Tommy followed the master’s coffin and attended the master’s funeral. Since then, Tommy has visited the church very regularly and sits quietly on the edge of the altar. The godfather appreciated Tommy’s loyalty and said: “It waits patiently on the edge of the altar and sits so quietly, I won’t let it go. Recently I just lost my dog, so let it stay in Here until it clears out all the emotions and let it go.”
When Tommy struggled with a disease, he died on January 20, 2014.

7 Real Dog Stories that Will Make You Feel a Lifetime 7

For 23 days, Talero guarded the body of the owner who fell in the snow.

The story takes place in Argentina, where the owner of Talero died in a blizzard, so Talero kept protecting the owner’s body during the blizzard. According to Chilean news reports, Talero not only resists the ravages of wild animals on their owners’ bodies but also hunt animals to feed themselves to survive. On a very cold night, it sleeps next to the owner, in order to warm the owner’s body and resist the cold wind for the master. When a police officer wants to get close to rescue its owner, it is arrogant to the rescue team, just as the danger is approaching, revealing the power to drive away from the danger.
In this infinite world, in this tumultuous history, these amazing dogs have used their most unselfish love to interpret the warmth of the world. They have done so much for us humans, thinking so much, and we humans sometimes reward them with flying stones. What kind of reasons do we have to express dissatisfaction and complain about life?

7 Real Dog Stories that Will Make You Feel a Lifetime 8

Please be kind to our friends, let us influence more people to care for these cutest dogs. We could do our best to protect these little angles. And Rabbitgoo would understand you and give the best dog supplies offers! Every single action accounts!



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